Reflections on our Yoga Pass

KeyWestYogaPassBanner10.pngIt has been almost 2 years since the Key West Yoga Pass was created. In that time we have sold over 180 cards. That’s 900 yoga classes that were explored in our Key West Yoga community as people discovered yoga, tried new experiences, and gifted yoga to their loved ones.

We love building a yoga community with the yoga pass, as it creates a Sangha on our island that is full of love, yoga and inclusivity! Spreading the gifts of yoga, supporting other teachers and studios, creating a convenient way to explore yoga, and making yoga accessible for our visitors are just some of the benefits of the Key West Yoga Pass.

If you are someone who has tried the pass we would love to hear from you. Share your story with us.

Yoga and more

Looking for yoga classes, or want to try something new while visiting Key West?  Check out all of our participating studios for Yoga classes indoors or outside, SUP yoga classes on the water, Zumba and yes even Pilates!

It is so easy to buy a Key West Yoga Pass, and then go to any of the participating locations.  One stop shopping convenience with so many options.  You’ll have 5 classes to be used at different locations.  Most classes there is a one class punch for each class, note that for Pilates and SUP Yoga you will use 2 punches for one class taken.

We hope you enjoy the ease, and community spirit of yoga pass.  We are happy to assist you should you have any questions.

Namaste, and have a great visit on our beautiful island!

Now we are 10

Ta da!

Today we have reached 10 locations for you to treat yourself to Yoga while in Key West.  Welcome to Spa al Mare, at the beautiful Casa Marina Resort.  Classes here are taught by Graziella Gaspari on the pier overlooking the south side of Key West. Another beautiful location with a wonderful instructor.

In other news Paddleboard Yoga offers you a chance to get out and try a paddleboard for the first time, while adventuring into balance in some wonderful Yoga poses. Tara and Trish welcome you to come play ON the sea with them. Heads up, starting in 2012 one Paddleboard Yoga class requires 2 classes on your Yoga Pass.  It is well worth it!

Want to try a new class in town?  Yoga Bootcamp starts up January 12.  That’s right Yoga on the Beach is offering this class that blends the strengthening and endurance building of bootcamp with the stretching and body/breath awareness of Yoga. Come play in the sand with Michael Thursday mornings 9-10 am.

Have you tried us yet?

If so take a moment to share your experience with a comment.  As we grow we love

Up and Running…

Hello World,

Key West Yoga Pass is up and running.  This collaboration is currently linking 9 of KeyWest’s finest Yoga (Fitness, Pilates and Dance) facilities and offering you a unique experience.  Purchase a 5 class card at one location and you are free to enjoy classes at ALL of the locations.

We are thrilled to be uniting as a community and sharing the Yoga experience in Key West with you.  What are you looking for?  Not sure what style you like, try a few.  Do you want classes indoors or outside?  On a beach or in a garden?  Want to try a paddleboard yoga class?   Continue the practice you have at home, or try something totally unique while on vacation.  The Key West Yoga Pass is your answer.

5 Classes for $75.00, and you are on your way.  The card can be purchased at any of the locations.  We are keeping it Green, so no card to carry but many memories to take home.


The Key West Yoga Pass Community